4 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Home Before Hosting Again

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As things begin to return to normal, visits with family and friends are becoming more frequent with backyard barbecues and movie nights back on the calendar. In anticipation of visitors, you may be thinking your home needs a celebratory sprucing up. Here are four wonderful ways to do just that.

1. Create an Accent Wall
Few things are more striking in a home than a finely designed accent wall. It’s less time-consuming and less costly than redoing a whole room but can have a powerful impact. Paint one wall in a room a bright or rich color that complements accent décor and draws the eye.

If painting isn’t your style, consider using stick-and-peel wallpaper. Not only are there countless design options available, but you can also customize your wall by alternating styles in different patterns. It is easily removed and repositioned if you want to experiment, and if the wallpaper you order is printed on demand, you can save yourself the worry of your design being out of stock.

2. Bring Nature In
Indoor plants add warmth and character to a home, as well as improving mental health, according to UW Medicine. There are numerous options available, but keep in mind that plants will need access to sunshine and water to varying degrees.

Hanging plants from above windows can be a distinctive way to decorate with them that allows the plants to get the sun they need without taking up valuable table or floor space. If you’re comfortable with larger plants, potted trees make gorgeous pieces. Fiddle leaf figs, calamondin orange trees and weeping figs all are great indoor options that add to a room without overwhelming it.

If you’d prefer not to have live plants in the home, worry not: there are many very realistic-looking faux options available. Using these gives you the greenery and warmth you desire without the upkeep, and if you use individual pieces, such as sprays of flowers, you can use them again in different pieces if you tire of one style.

3. Go Smart
Designed to make tasks easier, CNET explains that smart home technology allows you to connect your home to your phone and other internet sources to streamline how you operate at home. There are many exciting options, including smart doorbells, speaker systems you can connect throughout the house and smart plugs that allow you to remotely turn the power on and off.

Smart lighting systems are an impressive way to revive the home by allowing you to control the mood of your home through lighting. With smart lights, bulbs can emit different colors and degrees of light without you ever needing to get up. Use warm colors to create an inviting space during the day and cool colors to create a calming aesthetic at night.

Smart technology also is a great investment for those who may want to sell their home down the line.

4. Change Details
Some of the most impactful changes you can make in a home are replacing or revamping small pieces. Consider replacing or painting your outlet covers and switch plates to give your room a pop of color. Replace old-fashioned or worn doorknobs to give your doors a fresh look. Invest in new hardware for your cabinets to give them a more modern appearance. You’ll see that seemingly little upgrades like these can really pack a punch.

Give your home the improvements it deserves: revitalize your walls, embrace greenery, utilize smart technology options and focus on details. Then, celebrate the world opening back up by opening your newly freshened home to friends and family.