One Fabulous Place to Live–Mukilteo, WA!

Mukilteo Lighthouse

City by the Bay

Mukilteo (pronounced MUCK-ill-TEE-oh) is a waterfront community situated on Puget Sound in southern Snohomish County, about 25 miles north of Seattle. This scenic area has views of the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Northern Cascade Mountains to the north and east. In 1980, an area to the south of the city boundaries was annexed, which was followed by the 1991 annexation of Harbour Pointe; a master planned community that included a shopping center and an award winning public golf course. The city is also a neighbor to the Boeing Company, Paine Field Regional Airport and other major employers along a technology corridor that reaches from northern King County through Mukilteo. As West Coast towns go, Mukilteo is in good economic shape.

Established: 1947
Population: 20,310 (April 2011)
Area: 6.25 square miles
Parks: Centennial Park, Mukilteo Lighthouse Park, 92nd Street Park, Elliott Pointe Park, Fowler Pear Tree Park, Goat Trail Park, Harbour Pointe Village Park, Mary Lou Morrow Park, Totem Park
Other Amenities: Quaint shopping areas, restaurants, seasonal Farmer’s Market, financial institutions and numerous open spaces for recreational opportunities.
Schools: Columbia Elementary, Endeavour Elementary, Mukilteo Elementary, Olympia View Middle School, Harbour Pointe Middle School, Kamiak High School
Median Home Price:

• May 2012: $445,000

• Dec 2011: $357,500

• May 2011: $310,000

Development on the Horizon: Mukilteo is unique with sweeping Puget Sound vistas and 4.8 miles of shoreline. Pioneers bragged about the beautiful water views, a one-of-a-kind lighthouse and vibrant waterfront replete with mills, boat houses, restaurants and four-masted sailing ships. In 1941, Mukilteo changed with World War II and the US Army Air Corps’ construction of Paine Field and the Mukilteo Waterfront Fuel depot (Tank Farm). Nearly one-half of the Downtown 22 acres east of Park Avenue was bought by the US government to support the country’s war fighting effort. Our community is proud of its role in the Country’s war efforts, but that ended over 60 years ago and it’s time for Mukilteo to reclaim its waterfront.

Waterfront Key Objectives

1. Cultural Resources Protection and Least Disturbance: the City recognizes an obligation to protect and, therefore, only allow the least disturbance of the cultural resources along the waterfront.

2. Reclaiming Public Access to the Waterfront: through a series of parks connected by a waterfront pedestrian promenade forming a mile-long loop trail when the Tank Farm site is connected with the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park and a 2-mile loop with Japanese Gulch added. Pedestrian connectivity, including Edgewater Beach, is an important objective to providing access to the waterfront.

3. State Ferry Terminal Relocation: increasing capacity for at-grade ferry holding and separated loading.

4. Building New NOAA Mukilteo Biological Station Facilities: with improved water intake facility on a reconstructed pier that can also host a research vessel.

5. Completing ST Commuter Rail Station: with pedestrian bridge and extended platform.

6. Building a Parking Structure: through a partnership between Sound Transit and other entities for passenger, commuter and business parking.

7. Enhancing the Environment: 1) removal of the old Tank Farm Pier; 2) daylighting Japanese Gulch; and, 3) enhancing the nearshore profile at the existing and old Tank Farm pier bases.

8. Complete Access to the Port of Everett Mount Baker Transfer Facility: for safe access to park users.

9. Creating a Multimodal/Intermodal Station: allowing passengers to transfer modes easily by separating vehicles and pedestrians through the use of a second-story walkway system and parking garage. The multimodal station allows passengers to transfer from other modes, such as bus, taxi, vanpool or drop-off.

10. Redeveloping Waterfront into a Mixed-Use Pedestrian-Oriented Commercial Area: which emphasizes water-enjoyment activities on Front and Park Streets.

11. Providing 20% in Open Space: of the redeveloped area on the Tank Farm site.

12. Relocating the Boat Launch: to the Tank Farm site, if feasible.

13. Lighthouse Park Phases 3 & 4 Redevelopment

14. Building a Pedestrian Bridge: to connect old town with the ST pedestrian bridge.

Real Estate Market: Bank-owned homes represent a small fraction of houses on the market, and area employers, including Boeing, are hiring again. Mukilteo has affordable homes by Seattle standards, good schools, and a killer location right on Puget Sound. Plus, the town is spending to beef up its attractions: A new 29,000-square-foot community center debuted in February 2011, and the historic ‘Lighthouse Park’ recently got a makeover.

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