Positive Changes That Prioritize the Health of Your Home

Whether it’s simply a new goal you’d like to pursue or a New Year’s Resolution, prioritizing the health of your home can be a wise move. You can experience a range of benefits by doing so, allowing you to live a better life. If you aren’t sure how to get started, here are some tips that can lead to positive changes.

Selecting Projects

When you’re picking your projects, look beyond your needs and preferences. By also factoring in buyer trends, you can increase the value of your home if you’re planning to sell soon. Plus, if you keep the receipts and take before and after pictures, you can use that information to make the property even more attractive to buyers.

DIY Projects

When it comes to DIY projects that can head to positive changes and improve the health of your harm, it’s best to start simple. One excellent option is replacing your HVAC air filters. That way, your air quality goes up.

Adding plants is another fantastic choice. Greenery can be a mood booster . Plus, plants may also benefit air quality.

Finally, make sure to declutter. Clutter can be anxiety-inducing. Not only does it make it harder to clean, but it may also increase your odds of misplacing items.

If you want to declutter , try the KonMari Method. It’s incredibly straightforward and happiness-oriented, allowing you to efficiently pare down without feeling like you’re sacrificing your joy.

Projects for Pros

While it’s common to think that most home improvement projects are easy enough to DIY, that isn’t always the case. If you’re altering your home’s structure or interacting with key systems, it’s usually best to hire professionals. That way, you know it’s done properly.

If you’re wondering what kinds of projects are worth considering, that may depend on your goals and situation. For work-from-home professionals, one fantastic option is adding a home office. Having the ability to keep your work and personal lives separate helps you set critical boundaries. As a result, you may experience less stress.

An addition, garage conversion, or some new walls might be necessary for a new home office. In any case, look for a reputable contractor in your area. That way, they can help you navigate the project, secure permits, and handle the actual build.

Another excellent project for professionals is a kitchen remodel, giving you more space to create healthy meals at home. In many cases, you’ll need to repair, replace, or relocate plumbing pipes during the project. Plumbers typically cost between $45 and $150 per hour. If you want to ensure that they’ll do a quality job, read reviews and ratings and confirm that they’re licensed and insured before you request a quote.

For better air quality, UV for your HVAC is an excellent idea. By adding UV, your HVAC system ends up with germ-killing power. As a result, your family may have an easier time staying healthy both during and after the pandemic.

Finding the Money for Home Updates

If you’re worried about paying for home improvements, options are available that could make it more affordable. So how to refinance your home ? While a Better Homes & Properties could do the trick and offers a lower interest rate than many credit cards, tapping the equity of your home might be a better choice.

With a HELOC , you can get credit card-like convenience with a much lower interest rate. By going with cash-out refinancing instead, you might be able to lower your mortgage interest rate while freeing up cash. With cash-out mortgages, you get a new loan that’s larger than your current one. Then, you’ll receive the difference between the loan amount and what you owe as cash, giving you funds for your project.

Image via Pexels