Relocating to Seattle for a Job: Your How-to Guide

If you’re preparing for a career-related location in the Seattle, Washington, area, you have a lot to look forward to. Washington State offers the perfect mix of urban hubs and beautiful natural scenery, giving you the best of both worlds. That said, before you can jump into your new life here, you’ll have to make the move. This guide provides a pre-moving checklist to help you complete the transition with minimal time, money, and stress.

Narrow down your desired neighborhood and find a place to live

Scope out places to live before you move. Vet neighborhoods by visiting at different times of day, chatting with neighbors, and talking to realtors. For help finding a place in the Seattle area, trust Better Homes & Properties of Everett. If you plan to rent, you can scope out options on Apartment List to get a sense of the price range. You can view apartments in Seattle, Washington, in price ranges from $1,777 for a studio to upwards of $7,000 for a three-bedroom. Some listings offer 3D tours so you can scope them out virtually.

Pack and plan in advance to ensure a streamlined move

Once you have your new home lined up, you can start preparing for your move. Leave yourself plenty of time to pack. It’s best to start packing up rooms you rarely use first and save those rooms you use regularly, like the bedroom, for last. When hiring movers, make sure you’re vetting them thoroughly. Ask whether they have insurance, what their registration number is, and how much they estimate the job will cost.

Address the administrative aspects of relocating

Relocating requires attention to a lot of small details. You want to take care of as many administrative tasks as possible before you start your new job. This could include finding healthcare providers in your area, getting the utilities turned on at your new place, and changing your car’s license and registration. The Washington State Department of Licensing has a database of DMV locations you can look up.

Consider your children’s relocation needs

If you’re relocating with kids, consider their needs too. For example, you’ll want to enroll them in school as soon as possible. Researching the area’s school districts and educational opportunities will allow you to make a good choice for their schooling. If you have “fur babies,” you also want to consider their needs. For example, you may want to find dog walkers, veterinarians, and pet sitters.

Find key service providers in your area in advance

When you’re moving to a new place, you’ll have to find new “go-to” people for everyday needs. Where will you do your grocery shopping? Who will handle handyman emergencies like plumbing and electric? What gym will you go to? Figuring out these details before you move can save you stress later. For example, you can use online platforms like Thumbtack to find a variety of service providers in your new area.

Prepare emotionally for the possibly difficult transition period

Moving is exciting but it can also be tough. You may experience bouts of homesickness, for example. Plus, if you’re starting a new job, you have that added stress to deal with. Prepare yourself emotionally for the move by anticipating a grieving period. Take the time to appreciate and thank your old space. Then, focus on moving forward and finding joy in your new home, job, and life.

Find ways to connect with your new community

Connecting with your community will allow you to feel at ease in your new surroundings. There are many ways to meet people in your area, such as attending events, championing local businesses, and going to work-related gatherings. Make an effort to put yourself out there and encourage your family to do the same. This will allow you to make the connections that make “home” really feel like home.

Moving to a new location isn’t always easy. Taking the time to plan in advance will simplify the process. Trust the guide above to help you with your Washington State move.

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