Tidy Home for a Tidy Life: Easy Habits That Will Transform Your Day!

Image by Unsplash

Imagine this: you wake up this morning, and on the way to get your morning joe, you trip and fall over clutter. You then look around and see piles of clothing, messy work surfaces, and books and stuff thrown around everywhere. So much clutter can have a significant, negative impact on your mood and stress levels.

However, a quick cleaning can improve productivity, well-being, and feelings of relaxation. Looking for easy cleaning habits that you can implement today? These tips from Better Homes & Properties can help bring happiness and organization to your life today!

Put Things Away When You’re Done

One of the easiest ways for piles of stuff to accumulate is if you let it! Putting things away after use will likely take you less than 30 seconds extra time but save you hours of decluttering in the future. In areas used for storage, such as a pantry, try a label maker to aid your organizing. This goes for pretty much everything in other areas, including items like toiletries, makeup, kitchen appliances, shoes, blankets, and tools!

Make the Bed Each Morning

According to VeryWell Health, this simple act is scientifically linked to a relaxed mind and lowered stress hormones. Take two minutes out of your morning and view this habit as non-negotiable. Something about carefully placed pillows, a beautifully tucked-in bed, and arranged duvet helps clear the mind. We don’t fully get it either—but trust us on this one.

Refresh Your Home Furniture

A quick, low-effort way to clear both your space and your mind is to spruce up old furniture. Many of us have gifted items or furniture lying around that aren’t adding value to our space. When you’re shopping for pieces, be sure to look for quality items that will withstand wear and tear.

However, new furniture can set you back quite a bit. In that case, you may wish to do a budget refresh by upholstering existing furniture. Contact an upholstery services company to get a quote. Keep in mind that prices will vary depending on the item you wish to upholster—for example, individual chairs cost less than $100 each, while large couches can run anywhere between $1,200 and $3,500. Other factors that influence cost include the fabric type and custom fabricated pieces.

Clear Out Surfaces

This is a no-brainer, especially for hygiene purposes. You’ll want to ensure your surfaces are clear to make for easy eating or clutter-free for efficient working. Get into the habit of spraying down counters after meals to keep them dirt and grease-free. Other surfaces like desks and tables may not need as much dusting, but ensure you’re cleaning them regularly to avoid dust bombs and other wear and tear.

Constantly Downsize

A rule that expert organizers swear by is one in, one out. For every new item you buy, be sure to give away or trash an older one. This is a great mantra for the hoarders out there, as it will ensure your home remains downsized and clutter-free without much effort.

You know what they say: A tidy home is a tidy mind—right? This has never been more true, especially as we continue to spend more time indoors than ever before. Your home is where you spend most of your life—where you start and end your day. Give it the love and sprucing up it deserves, and you’ll reap the benefits in all aspects of your life!

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