Tiny Change – Big Impact – Yard Love!

Tiny Change – Big Impact: Yard Love!

Oh, your poor, sad patio. Not a comfy seat to be had, and that cracked concrete … well, it probably looked really great when disco was king. If a lackluster patio is keeping you from enjoying your outdoor space, it’s time to change things up.

Whether you love to entertain friends or bask in the sun with a cocktail and a novel, here are five easy ways to inject new life into your very own corner of nature.

Low-Maintenance Plants!

Low-Maintenance Plants!

Not every plant is a big drinker; some can get along with only a few sips. Here are five drought-resistant plants that won’t break your water budget. Read more

Mix Vegetables with Your Flower Garden? Absolutely!

garden pieceEdible Garden

There’s a bit of fabulous chaos happening in the gardening world. Beans are happily climbing with clematis. Herbs are cohabitating with echinacea. Food is growing with flowers. It used to be that vegetable gardens were stuck in an out-of-sight corner of the backyard. Flower gardens occupied the high profile spaces around our homes. Not any more. Plants are busting out of their traditional roles and growing together—wherever—in harmony.

Flowers are certainly known for their attractiveness, unlike vegetables, which are primarily functional. However, vegetables and herbs often look better than you think, especially when placed around gorgeous blooms. The decorative aspect of vegetables is often part of the reason why home gardeners choose to incorporate them into their flower beds, especially in place of ornamental grasses and foliage. Planting vegetables near flowers also ensures that plenty of beneficial insects are attracted to the area, reports GrowVeg.com. Not only do flowers’ bright colors and aromatic scents attract pollinating insects like butterflies, moths, bees and beetles (which help pollinate vegetable flowers too), but they can bring in insects that eat those that are dangerous to your plants, like aphids and mealybugs. It’s a win-win for both blossoms and veggies! Click on the image above to read more!

DIY Projects — You Can Do It!

Rustic and vintage do it yourself used tool background

DIY Projects – Learn How!

Whether you’re installing wall tile, letting the sunshine in with a new skylight, fixing a squeaky floor board, or installing a GFCI receptacle, DIY projects can not only save you money, but also reward you by adding value to one of your biggest investments! Learn step-by-step instructions on how to complete the above projects, and so many more! You’re gonna love what you’ve done! Read more

Make a Great First Impression with Curb Appeal!

Landscaped flower garden

Make a Great First Impression with Curb Appeal!

The “love at first-glance” attraction that real estate people call curb appeal is becoming increasingly more important to the value of your home. These days, over 80 percent of buyers get their first look at a house from a picture on the Internet. If the “curbscape” is unappealing, most people don’t look any further. But even if your not planning to sell any time soon, you should think about keeping your biggest asset in an attractive and well maintained condition. Read more