Tiny Change – Big Impact – Yard Love!

Tiny Change – Big Impact: Yard Love!

Oh, your poor, sad patio. Not a comfy seat to be had, and that cracked concrete … well, it probably looked really great when disco was king. If a lackluster patio is keeping you from enjoying your outdoor space, it’s time to change things up.

Whether you love to entertain friends or bask in the sun with a cocktail and a novel, here are five easy ways to inject new life into your very own corner of nature.

Does Your Kid’s Room Look Like This?

Does Your Kid’s Room Look Like This?

Are you looking for your child’s shoes again? Does he step out of his clothes when changing and just keep walking? Maybe his books multiply on the floor beside his bed, just waiting for you to step on the stack and slip on their shiny covers. If so, it’s time to focus on organizing your child’s bedroom. A key component of organization is to de-clutter. The necessary steps include taking inventory, deciding what to keep, exploring different organizational methods and implementing a storage plan. Never fear, help is on the way! Use this checklist and these organizational tips and designs to make life just a little simpler.

Great Ideas for a Wine Cellar!

Great Ideas for a Wine Cellar!

At first glance, you might be thinking “bomb shelter”… but it’s really more like the bomb. I’m not exactly sure how this would affect resale value, but ya know what — I don’t care. It’s the slickest upgrade I’ve seen in a home in a long while. And I’m jealous! Read more

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?

Freshly painted walls, gleaming wood floorboards and tightly insulated attics are on many buyers’ wish lists. However, keep in mind that some materials, processes and finishes can make for toxic spaces. Here are some ideas to keep your homes healthy. Read more

Realizing the Highest ROI on your Outdoor Remodeling Projects!

Realizing the Highest ROI!

This report takes a deep dive into the reasons why homeowners complete outdoor remodeling projects, the value of taking on such projects, and the increased happiness experienced by homeowners once a project is completed. It also contains:

• The typical cost of 10 outdoor projects, as estimated by members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

• How much appeal each project is likely to have for buyers, according to REALTORS®.

• How much REALTORS® estimate homeowners can recover on the cost of the outdoor projects if they choose to sell the home.

Chalkboard Paint–How Cool is That?

Chalkboard Paint—How Cool is That?

Chalkboard paint is the perfect DIY for adding some unexpected touches to your home. You can use chalk paint on furniture or glass, but you can also paint on cabinets, clay pots, fences and other accessories around the house. Here are some exciting home décor ideas

It’s All About that Pantry!

It’s All About that Pantry!

First and foremost, pantries are not ‘just another cabinet’. They are the most used part of the kitchen and probably the most abused. Builders and remodelers run the gamut from a couple of shelves under a staircase to beautiful walk-in pantries that have everything. For most homes the pantry falls somewhere in between. It might not be the most romantic addition to your home, but when you have the ease of putting away groceries, cooking quickly and just knowing what you have on hand will make a custom pantry worth every penny! Read more

Open Up Your Kitchen!

Open Kitchen Shelving!

One of the great things about open kitchen shelving is that it works in any style of kitchen. From a farmhouse to the most contemporary or industrial loft space, open shelving in a kitchen can be styled to suit your home. You can pull off any look–even if you change your mind a lot or want to style them for the changing seasons–by simply swapping out what you put on them. Luckily, stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls have tons of kitchen items in different styles at awesome prices, making it easy to find items that fit your aesthetic without breaking the bank. Read more